Two  years ago this month, Clark Wright Ltd was contacted by Ian Foster, Engineering Director of Metroline London, (See Article below 15th May 2014) and asked to produce an eQuilt engine bay insulation system for retrofit to the vehicle. The eQuilt insulation system was produced and fitted within two weeks of the original conversation and the vehicle put back into service soon after.

Gary Hammatt, Sales Director took the opportunity to re-visit the vehicle to see how the system had stood up to two years in service.

eQuilt has been engineered to last the life of the bus, based on a London vehicle (Twelve Years). On inspection of the vehicle, the two years in service had had, absolutely no effect on it since it was fitted. The constant temperature in the engine bay, the four weekly jet washes, nothing, had weathered or changed the appearance, nor affected the structural integrity or deteriorated it in any way. It was, apart from the day to day accumulated grime, as if it had only just been fitted to the vehicle. The system was in such good condition I had to video it.

To view the video please follow the link below.