eQuilt© – Technical Report

eQuilt Technical ReporteQuilt© is designed to be fitted to new and or refurbished vehicles to contain engine bay fires.  It is attached to the body/chassis in the same way as  new build vehicles using existing mounting points. It can also be attached using heat resistant contact adhesive.  eQuilt© is a passive fire containment and acoustic solution in one maintenance free product, which replaces existing insulation.

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eQuilt© UN 118 Annex 7 

eQuilt© Passes UN118 Annex 7 with exceptional results 

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eQuilt© UN 118 Annex 8 

eQuilt© Passes UN118 Annex 8 with exceptional results

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eQuilt© – Acoustic Report

eQuilt was tested at SRL, a UKAS approved third party test facility in accordance with BS EN ISO  10140-2:2010.eQuilt SRL Report

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eQuilt© – Heat & Acoustic Solutions

Having analysed the performance of our growing body of test results CWL [Clark Wright Ltd] can now offer a range of solutions for the management of extreme heat and sound conditions.

eQuilt© was tested and certified for both fire and acoustic properties by BM Trada now Exova, and SRL, independent third party test house facilities. Based on previous tests carried out on similar products, the results eQuilt© produced exceeded their expectations especially in the sound attenuation test, where it was able to reduce transmitted sound by up to 3 dB over  leading automotive acoustic liners, whilst still exceeding heat and fire insulation targets.

It is upon this foundation, and in response to customer demand, that we at CWL have and continue to develop these unique sound attenuation qualities. Meanwhile the core materials’ ability to continue to function at prevailing temperatures in excess of 800°c recommend it for most high temperature applications.

The core material, can be produced in a variety of forms, non-woven fabric, loose-fill, rigid board, woven fabric, and even FRP [Fibre Reinforced Panels] all of which can operate in a temperature window ranging from minus 250°C up to 800°C.

Recent tests have demonstrated that eQuilt© not only protects at temperatures over 800°c but insulates against increased temperatures in the passenger saloon. Engine bay operating temperatures often range, between 90° to 100°c but with eQuilt© fitted, the temperature measured in the passenger saloon rises less than 5°c above ambient at any time.

These are the very qualities that a product developer would be looking for in a heat or sound, or heat and sound insulation situation.

As with all CWL products the delivered specification will be bespoke and exclusive to the customer’s requirements.

eQuilt© in Action – Product videos

On 7th March 2014 Clark Wright invited a group of the UK’s bus and coach industry, including Arriva, Stagecoach, Go Ahead, TFL and SMMT to the Fire Service College, Moreton – in Marsh in order to demonstrate eQuilts©unique fire containment abilities.  Follow the links below to see for your self.

On 9th December 2015 Clark Wright carried out a demonstration on an in service bus in front of Arriva representatives from major cities across Europe at the Fire Service College, Moreton – in Marsh. The demonstration was a complete success proving eQuilts© unique abilities in safeguarding both the asset, but more importantly the traveling public. Follow the link below to see how it was achieved.