In the pursuit of cleaner air quality in major towns and cities, vehicle manufacturers are being asked to produce lower emmision vehicles to help combat air pollution, hence the introduction of both the Hybrid and fully electric vehicles we now see on our streets.

Whilst the vehicles do contribute to the goal of cleaner air they are not however, immune to engine bay fires.

The wiring required in both the Hybrid and fully electric vehicles can contribute to a fire if a dead short occurs and although most wires have a fire rated plastic coating if the short continues without being checked catch fire.

This then contributes to the fire by igniting other components in the engine bay to the point of a fully fuelled engine bay fire.

eSleeve is a derivative of eQuilt and can contain a wire fire by being wrapped around the wire and secured into place using stainless steel cable ties or similar fixings. The wire can be sleeved the full, or part length which ever is required, and has been proven to prevent flames from escaping and spreading to less fire resistant components, which in turn contribute to the loss of the vehicle.    

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