Most GRP panels used in or on Public Service Vehicles, carry either Class one or zero spread of flame certification, some Governing bodies are even going so far as to relaxing the certification on some panels to Class two. We believe that as the majority of modern day vehicles, especially at the rear consist of approximately 80% GRP, and the fact GRP contributes in most instances when a fire takes hold, a more advanced but cost effective solution was required.

Working in conjunction with a resin manufacturer, a Polyester gel coat and resin solution was developed that can be used in extrusion, hand lay up, spray and RTM processes, the product is known as “Surefire”

“Surefire” when used in mould making offers a completely fire resistant GRP panel that can withstand temperatures in excess of 850°c, it will not propagate a flame and is self extinguishing, when a flame from a third party source is removed.

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